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 Allied Medical Sciences Facilites

The institute is very well developed infrastructure to maintain the highest level of education and training in the subject. A brief description of the facilities available in the institute is given here-

The institute has a very rich faculty comprising some very eminent, experienced and scholarly. doctor & medical teacher.


Separate lecture halls, AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS, laboratories, and facilitie for clinical tests and examination have been extensively developed and institute can boast of having excellent teaching facilities for students.


The Institute is having an independent newly constructed huge building in with excellent facilities for academic activities and all other amenities. The building is located hardly a kilometer from BHRC, the technical hospital.


As the Institute has been promoted by Bhandari group of hospital and is utilizing the facilities of the flagship hospital of the group i.e. BHRC & SAIMS. It enjoys all the clinical and hospital related facilities at it disposal. In addition to this, other group hospitals too provide all the essential facilities to support for the purpose of clinical and experimental paramedical training of the students. All the bhandari group and associate hospitals have independent pathology, x-ray, sonography , Echo -cardiography, ICCU,
Pediatric iccu, Advanced operation theatre and other departments equipped with the latest
Equipment which are made available for the training of the students. The physiotherapy, occupational therapy departments of the hospital is one of the best and shall be used for the clinical training of BPT/BOP students.  


For the experimental work, separate, well equipped Anatomy, physiology, pathology, radiology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy laboratories have been developed in the institute in addition to the labs of the hospital.


There is very well developed library and separate reading room for the student in the institute. Books on all the related subjects are available in the library and are issued to the students for home study. Various scientific journals magazines, news papers etc. are subscribed to and are available in the reading room.


Latest equipments for A-V aids for teaching purpose such as LCD projectors, slide projector, overhead projector computers, internate etc. are available in the institute.


The institute has a separate computer department having number of computer which are used for teaching and data keeping. All the records related with students and the institute are fully computerised.

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