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I had the privilege to visit Bhandari hospital and Research Center. It is amazing that general surgeon with single handed approach and dedication has created an excellent basic and emergency fracture and rehabilitation center.

The ambulance with cardiac life support system is an asset for emergency care. I must complement the competence of Dr. Bhandari for his initiation and instrument in emergency and routine health care specially rehabilitation.

Dr. Nandu Laud
Knee Surgeon to Prime Minister of India

I have visited the physiotherapy department of the bhandari Hospital & Research center. The facilities & equipment. I examined were as modern and comprehensive as those as many leading sport medicines /physiotherapy depart ment you would find in India or for that matter any other country.ihave visited. There looks to be an excellent commitment to best practice health care and continuing eduction.

Patric farhart
Bappsc,MHth .sc.(syd. Uni.) physiotherapist Australian Cricket Team

I am pleased to come and visit bhandari Hospital & Research center. The gymnasium is fully equipped with all the equipments necessarily required for fitness. I wish the hospital best of luck & iam sure it will help the people of indore to maintain good health.

Chetan Chauhan

I have been to many hospitals around India but this would have to be the most professional. I am thrilled to know that physiotherapy/sports med. Is being developed.

Keep up the great work.

Andrew Lerpis
Physio Indian Cricket Team

P.S. The Ambulance what a tremendous facility the only one I’ve seen cricket in India.

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