SAIMS College of Nursing

The College of Nursing was established in the year 2005 as a professional body to represent, assist, educate and support nurses.

The College of Nursing speaks for nursing professionals throughout India.

Through its extensive health care programmes, the College provides a central point of reference and support for nursing professionals to attain outstanding personal career results, and provide best practice quality outcomes for patients.

Our Vision
Creating Nursings future

Our Mission
To lead the development of the profession in line with the changing needs of the community, trends in health service delivery and the aspirations of nursing professionals themselves.

The Future

Nursing is essential to the future of health care. The College is integral to supporting individual nurses on their chosen career path and provides leadership and direction for members at all stages of the journey.

The challenge is to be a greater influence on health policy and to make a greater difference in improving health care service and outcomes.

Our Values
  • The College believes in the work and worth of the nursing profession and demonstrates this by the range of services provided to support and sustain it.
  • The College promotes a voice for nurses in determining the direction and future of health care delivery.
  • The College promotes respect and support regardless of difference and acknowledges individual efforts and achievements.
  • The College is committed to continuous quality improvement as a dynamic process of innovation and renewal.
  • The College acts with integrity to ensure accountability.
  • The College is committed to life long learning.
  • The College is committed to developing partnerships and strategic alliances for the benefit of the profession.
  • The College encourages an environment of critical inquiry and research-based teaching and management.
Our Focus
  • The College of Nursing provides support for nurses, while contributing to the creation of a better health care system for the people.
  • These goals are achieved through education and professional development for all nurses, and by contributing to policy making with relevant health organisations.
  • The College of Nursing represents nurses at all stages of their careers, providing access to the latest information on nursing practice and giving support to facilitate career advancement.
  • This focus leads to continuing benefits for health care systems through developing greater awareness of the significance of nursing to other health professionals and the wider community.

The Courses

  1. M.Sc. in Medical Surgical Nursing (Post Graduate Course)

  2. M.Sc. in Child Health Nursing (Post Graduate Course)

  3. M.Sc. in Obstetric Nursing (Post Graduate Course)

  4. M.Sc. in Paediatric Nursing (Post Graduate Course)

  5. B.Sc. Nursing (Degree course)

  6. Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing (Degree course)

  7. Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing (Diploma Course)

  8. Post Basic Diploma in Oncology Nursing (Diploma Course)

  9. Post Basic Diploma in Emergency & Disaster Nursing (Diploma Course)

  10. G.N.M.

  11. A.N.M.

  12. Ph.D. in Nursing (Proposed programme)


  • Honorable Chairman of the Bhandari Group of Hospital in association with the Non Resident Indians has a vision to establish the NRI Nursing College in the heart of India its Madhya Pradesh.
  • Establishment of NRI Nursing College is based on combination of the national and international educational standards. At the same time the medical advancements, newer technologies, modern and ultra sophisticated gadgets are part and parcel of the treatment for the betterment of human being all over the world. Such changes are considered while extending Nursing education to the students.
  • Thus students going through the tenure of study in this institute will be well equipped with thorough knowledge, expertise in various clinical areas, as well skilled and intelligent approach for applying, handling and monitoring the latest gadgets in the various specialties and superspecialities.
  • Students studying in the college are having opportunity to get clinical experience in the parent hospital, SAIMS ! SAIMS is the high-tech hospital and Research Centre in Madhya Pradesh with ultra modern, sophisticated advanced technologies enriched with high caliber medical and nursing faculty.
  • Apart from these facilities the Bhandari Group of Hospitals have arranged the Nursing and Medicine faculty from overseas specially from United Kingdom, USA and Australia.
  • The contribution of these teachers will enable our students to know more and more about little and little. The actual situation and environment of the overseas hospitals will be simulated which will enable students to understand effectively and learn actively.
  • Students graduating from this institution will be self confident, knowledgeable, skilled and efficient in rendering nursing services at all levels of health care system nationally and internationally.

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